So you are a Just landed Indian in Netherlands(JLIN)? Then this is your guide to start living from day one!

  1. Check out how to travel
  2. Check out the stores near you
  3. Get a bank account
  4. Medical requirements
  5. Immigration related questions
    1. Call IND for immigration or Highly skilled migrants related info
    2. The Expat Center is a one stop shop for Highly Skilled Migrants
    3. Search ‘gemeente <your place>’ in Bing to find out the town hall(gemeente) near you as you need to visit them during initial days.
  6. Rent a house or room and register your home at town hall (gemeente). Don’t forget to register your birth certificate with apostle stamp at gemeente. If you forget, it will expire and you might need to take another one when you try for PR or citizenship after 5 years. If possible get a written statement (or via email) stating they have used your birth certificate to register you in the system.
    1. Search online at
    4. Comparison chart:
  7. Is it winter? Then here is a winter dressing guide made just for you.
  8. Culinary Experience list just for Indians to try out.
  9. Tip: The only place you can go with out an appointment is a bar. The only place you need not be punctual is a bar! Just joking there is also super market :D. But you get the point, don’t you?

Happy Blend-in!