This blog is a part of the JLIN series. Here is how you could get started on one the beautiful things to do in Netherlands!

Address: It is all about Pincodes (eg: 1062 KS)

Type ‘1062 KS Netherlands’ in Google maps and you know what I am saying. You will be pointed to a street named Koningin WilhelminaPlein. Most automated systems can detect the street name from pincode. Now all you need is a number. House no: or street no:? Both are same here but we call it street number. So a proper address should be like:

Eg:  Koningin WilhelminaPlein 111
     1062 KS

BTW (Koningin = Queen, Plein(plain)=Square. You get to see that a lot RembrandtPlein, LiedsePlein etc.


Short distance(30-45 mins) = Tram, Bus, Metro.
Long Distance(>1 hr) = Train / Flight

It is all online!

Suppose you want to go on a long journey(more than 2 hours travel and you are out of the country :P). And your travel involves biking(cycling) and then a tram and a bus and train and finally a bus to reach the destination. You can check a website and it tells you the exact time you reach the destination! Yes, all the stops, all your connections, you can even customize transfer time! And you reach right on time…always!

Website is 

There is also another site mainly for trains but could also be used for other transports.

Where to buy tickets: There will be a ticketing machine in all stations(Metro/Train). For buses and trams if you can’t find a machine then you could buy it from the driver. But remember that it is always cheaper to buy from machine. Train Tickets can also be purchased online from the site given above ( You could also buy a travel card (airport/main stations) and load some balance and use it in all transports.

Here is how the travel card works. When you start from a stop you swipe the card . And some money is deducted as deposit from your card (bus/tram/metro=4 Euros & Train=20 Euros) .When you get down you swipe again and the travel cost is deducted from the deposit and put back to your card. So if you forget to swipe you lose the deposit 😦 . Well.. you could always go to the GVB office in main stations to claim for ‘your mistake’ and get it refunded!

Tip: 1)  Travel card(GVB card) costs 35% less than individual tickets. 2) Buying from a ticket machine costs 50 cents less than buying from a counter/desk.

That is all you need to know as a JLI , Happy traveling.