This blog is a part of the JLIN series.

12 hour long journey with out spicy food should be longest and saddest in your life :). But no worries, there is galore of spices waiting for you in the Netherlands and you will make your dal soon. Well, there are those bold ones who want to embrace European cuisines as well.

First thing first. Water available in any of the water taps in Netherlands is safe to drink. Water taps in bathrooms, kitchens, public toilets (WC- way cee-Water Closet) all are 100% safe to drink.

To order food online check these websites Just-Eat ,Thuisbezorgd. Enter postcode and select and pay online or call and pay cash on delivery.”eat smakelijk” (eet sma-click/bon appetit)

Let us now talk about the supermarkets and other inevitable shops near you.

It is very important that you pay a visit to the shops mentioned below to get a feel of what is available there. Not necessarily to buy. Just roam around. It will be wonderful touristic experience for the first time. The products in the rack tells more about the culture and trend in the country. Which helps you integrate ASAP.

We cannot find street side shops in the Netherlands. All shops are tied together in a centrum(should be walking distance from your house). So one outing and you visit most shops, simple.

  1.  AH (Aahaa),Albert Heijn(heyn), is the premier super market chain in the Netherlands. Other supermarkets include Lidl(leedil), Jumbo(yumbo), C1000 etc. It does not matter where you go, things you get are similar and the prices are almost same. My favorite is Lidl though as the prices are good and they sometimes have sales on non-grocery items like clothes, furniture, etc.
  2.    Zeeman: You could buy clothes and apparels from this shop. Briefs, pullovers, trousers all with good value for your money. Nice starting point for dress purchases.
  3.  Blokker: House and kitchen appliances, utensils , glassware etc.
  4. Street Market: In the weekends you could visit street markets like Dapper market(Dappermarkt) in Amsterdam. Where you could buy vegetables, meat and other groceries and clothes at cheap rates.
  5. Indian spices: Yes, show me the curry! 🙂 You cannot find Indian spices and condiments at supermarkets I mentioned before, unfortunately. But there are specialized shops run by Asians which you need to find out yourself. If you are in Amsterdam there are many Asian shops in Dapper Market. But how about a free home delivery?

All shops and opening times could be found online. In the website search for the terms ‘openingstijden'(opening hours) and ‘winkels'(shops, to find the ones near you). And that is all you need to know about shops as a JLIN, Happy Shopping!

And now, if you are about to leave for AH and especially, planning to purchase some veggies then I have some thing really interesting for you 🙂