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This blog is a part of the JLIN series. As a  JLI(just landed Indian) it is very important that you get a bank card ASAP. Which help you do the following:

  1.  Pay for lunch at office with chip knip( ‘disconnected architecture’ for paying with bank card with out pin). chip knip is also used in most coke/coffee vending machine as well
  2. Online banking in english
  3. An associated credit card which automatically pays the credit (credit card is free of charge and bank card costs 2-3 euros per month)
  4. Transfer money locally and internationally
  5. Mobile banking features


I used ABN AMRO, you could use ING, Rabobank or other banks.

To do: Check the nearest branch near you online. Fix an appointent . Take along your identity credentials especially residence card and you should get the card posted to your address in a week or so. They deliver it during week days.

Two more things needed

  1. After you get the card you need to visit ATM or call them (ABN AMRO in English) to activate your pin.
  2. If you need chip knip(would be nice to have some balance). You need to visit a ATM terminal where they have this facility to add some deposit in the card.It will be a smaller machine with ChipKnip written on it as given in the picture below. Remember that if you loose the card anyone can make use of the money in chipknip. So don’t put more money. I usually add 50 Euros.

Tip: with ABN AMRO, you get a device which helps you make transactions online. The device is interchangeable(you can use your friend’s) and you can view the chipknip credit as well. And the device is multilingual.

Tip: If you use ABN AMRO then you will get a letter to activate your card. You can find the English translation of such letters here. Search for ‘Debitcard’.

That is all you need to know as a JLI