You don’t really need to know Dutch to live in the Netherlands. But when it comes to phone conversation things are a bit different, especially calling service numbers. The biggest challenge is to tell your email address. Here are some tips to get it across. phone painting We can start by asking permission: kan ik spreken in het Engels? -> kanik spray-ken ing-els? post code = 1112 NM -> “elf twaalf Nico Marie” or “elf twaalf NM, N for Nico and M for Marie” As you can see the first two digits are combined. In English it will be eleven twelve November Mike. In English we use the phonetic code. Same way in Dutch we have the Dutch phonetic alphabets. You could combine these two to get your message across. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a new email id with something that the Dutch can easily understand? Something like, Stampot007, :). You say it and they get it. Service numbers begin with 0900 or 0800. You will be informed how much you will be charged per minute or per call. The national emergency number is web 112 the same as in all other EU member states. Don’t call this number for silly things. The general police service number is 0800 4488. A little bit etiquette: A common way to answer a call is: “Hallo/Hoi met Anita”. In formal situations, you would say: “Goedemorgen/goedemiddag/goedenavond, u spreekt met Anita Selvaraj”.