Good music connects cultures. Especially when one is from the land of music, India. Our country is too big to have a common taste.. but still these are hopefully & carefully handpicked to match the Indian taste…

  1. A lovely and touching song about daughters.  If there is someone in Netherlands who drives me crazy out of admiration then that would be none other than Marco Borsato. What a personality! There are times when we regret not knowing this language… such beautiful are the lyrics. 
  2. This one is about Brabant, the province in the south of the country. Think of a Dutch missing his/her village, the warmth of a pub ..nostalgia. Add the charming voice of Guus Meeuwis to it …priceless! Also can you identify the celebs  shown? 
  3. It was so easy, wasn’t it? He just walked into the Dutch hearts… just like that. You cannot stop him either, from letting in! Kenny B is here to stay.
  4. The legend is back in 2015! And that is what he does, Marco keeps coming back. One good reason to live in the Netherlands  :). Stunning video this is. It is a bit unfair to confine Marco just to Netherlands isn’t it? What an inspiration you are… Marco we love you!! 
  5. Someone in Holland has a soft ‘G’ and hard ‘L’. And he is in’t shy showing it off 😀 . And this song cannot be accessed in India!
  6. Those were the days when they fell in love by the windmills. A nice introduction to the classic old songs. They have them in plenty.
  7. If a kid does not know how to sing this song, every word of it, then they won’t be from the Netherlands. This song makes rap music likable :).. to some of us at least. 
  8. Nothing connects modern day Europe the way Euro Vision Songs do. This was the Netherlands nomination for 2014 and runner up!
  9. Now, to the question on everyone’s mind.. why so many DJs from Netherlands? Even parents accompany their children for DJ work if they are underaged! The turning point was when Tiësto did the 2004 Olympics ceremony. Heineken’s marketing relationship with the Ultra Music Festival in Miami also projected Dutch producers. Let us taste some. This one is Headhunterz HardwithStyle. Long journeys become shorter with this running in the backgroud. 
  10. Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero.. yes, a long list of EDM(electronic dance music) DJs are all from the Netherlands! Attend one Dutch music festival and we can safely say we have ‘seen it all’! The king Tiësto, with an annual income of $36 million (2015), is also known for his Philanthropy. Here is another hit Hardwell – Spaceman.
  11. And for the Eurovision song contest 2016, the Dutch had an amazing song!
  12. Gerard Joling stamp is applied on pretty much everything you see on a screen these days. A true entertainer loved by one and all, especially oldies dancing in “toppers”(famous concert in Netherlands)! Andre Hazes is also a legendary singer from Netherlands. This a true singalong song especially if you go skeing in Austria 🙂

What are your favourite Dutch songs/music? Would you mind sharing them? 🙂