Let us try to discover the top 3 culinary experiences which are likely to be a hit among Indians in Netherlands!


The list consists of the following Top 3s

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  • Top 3 Breakfasts  BF

#1 Van der Valk Hotel Break fast: Considered one of the best breakfast buffet in Europe! This hotel chain has around 60 hotels in Netherlands and is easy to locate. Priced at €14-16.

Van Der valk

#2) Freshly baked ‘Roomboter Croissants’ from supermarkets: Especially the Croissants from Albert Heijn and Jumbo. Fresh ones only available in the morning. No accompaniment is needed for this buttery croissant but for added pleasure slice the belly and apply some butter(roomboter) and Fig Confiture.

croissant  Confiture-Figues

#3) Hema Breakfast : Available in selected Hema outlets. There is also Ikea breakfast . But Hema eases past and bags 3rd spot!. It costs just €1!hema1

  • Top 3 Sweet Delicacies   Indian Sweets

#1) Tompouce: This is very difficult to consume.. not joking. Tip: turn side ways and bite 🙂

tompouce2 Tom_Pouce_is_difficult_to_eat

#2) Rijst/Griesmeel Pap, Vla: Pap is similar to gheer. Greismeel pap= Sooji + milk. Rijst pap = rice + milk. Vla is similar to custard available in India. But it is very tasty here :).


#3 Apple Taart from Winkel 43 café, Amsterdam: Check out the review. Tip: On a sunny morning, bike around the PrinsenGracht ending up @winke43 just to savour this fresh apple pie! Wash it down with a Koffie Verkeerd or Munt Thee(explained later).

Winkel 43winkel-431

#3) Special jury award!  OlieBollen in winter(New Year sweet). Available at special winter outlets for Oliebollen. Even though freshly served, they get cold as they are kept outside, hence take home with out mixing sugar powder and re-heat in an oven(pre-heated). Never use microwave.


  • Top 3 Savoury Snacks  indian-food-louise-blaize1

#1) Loempia: Similar to spring rolls in India


#2) Kaas Souffle: Cheese filled croquette. Available at FEBO


#3) Bami croquette: Noodles filled croquette. Available at FEBO

bami croqquette

  • Top 3 Lunches  Lunch

#1) Zacht Broodje Kip Sate: Bun sandwich with chicken and peanut sauce filling.

kip salade

#2) Broodje Eiren salad: Pistolet/baguette filled with Egg salad


#3) La Place Lunch: A wide variety of warm and cold meals to choose from. Also found inside V&D.


  • Top 3 Dinners  dinner-family

#1) ‘Kipfilet Alla Romana’ from Bertolli: Many Dutch are addicted to this concept called wereld gerechten(would cuisines). This ready-to-cook packet contains the gravy and pasta.  You need to add yourself chicken, champignons(mushroom), tomato, cream, etc. One packet serves 2-3 people and is available in supermarkets such as Jumbo and AH XL. Addictive taste! + white wine = teasingly lekker!

Bertolli BErtolli2

#2) Pan cakes and Poffertjes from Oudt Leyden restaurant: A unique dining experience which makes you crave for Dutch pan cakes! Pan cakes are priced €7-14.

P1030398 poffertjes

#3) Ikea Dinner: Vis Filet Gratino wins in Ikea menu! Fried fish with chips/mashed potato and boiled vegetables. Champignon(mushroom) soup is recommended. €8-13 per person. Available at all Ikea outlets.


  • Top 3 Beverages  Coffee-victoria

#1) Koffie verkeerd: Half coffee half milk. A ‘wrong’ combination!

Koffie verkeerd

#2) 100% vers geperst vruchtensap : 100% fresh pressed fruit juice provided by supermarkets. Since they are pressed and not centrifuged, nutrients stay longer. They come in a not-so-fancy bottles(mostly glass) and have very short expiry dates.

vruchten sap3 vruchten sap

#3) Munt Thee: Mint Tea = hot water + mint leaves + honey. Can’t have a flavourful healthy drink than this!

Munt thee

  • Top 3 Desserts  dessert

#1) ‘Dulche de Leche’ flavour from Häagen-Dazs: This flavour is mostly seen only in Haagen-Dazs outlets. Dulche Leche


#2) Danio Kwark Bosbes flavour: Available in most super markets

Danone Danio % vet

#3) Tiramisu: This Italian dessert is available in most super markets. AH Excellent Tiramisu is good. Contains egg.

tiramisu  tiramisu1

Eet smakelijk !!!

Since there is religious restrictions in certain states in India this list does not include some delicacies such as bitter ballen, erwten soup, etc. Those souls with out such restriction on food, please comment or message for a complete list.

Dinner Dutch

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