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A walk along the historic row houses and enchanting canals is a dream for every traveler. That possibility just got double the excitement with Pokémon exploration!


It is an overwhelming experience the first time you enter Amsterdam for Pokémons. Amsterdam turning red with showering lures … canals lined with pokestops… lovely sight it is! These are the places you shouldn’t miss.


Leidseplein always has 2 Lures running and is the top stop to catch them. Also in vondelpark(next to Leidseplein) near the Iamsterdam boarding, 3 lures running all the time! Though in rembrandt plein it is more near to the Pathe movies. A good tip would to choose the tiny oriental restaurant next to Pathe Munt for refreshment or lunch “inside” a lure kept by Pathe Munt(apparently).

espeon poke

Another must visit spot in Amsterdam is Bijlmer Arena infront of Heineken Music Hall. Media market and Decathlon(heard from the locals) has 3 lures minimum running all the time. With some street-football like competitions going on , the whole of multi cultural Amsterdam can be experienced here. Not to mention the foodstalls in Bijlmer Plein.

If a place away from bulidings is what you like then Sloterpark (last stop tram 7, Amsterdam Nieuw-West) is a great spot for a walk around a small lake. And you are supposed to chat someone there about your best Pokemon catch!


For expats there is no better time to integrate with the social connection this ‘sport’ brings. Living or staying in Amsterdam now has a new meaning. Just a small stroll near the canal can boost your XP to a new level. Most gyms in Amsterdam have heavy CPs. Not surprised at all to see the Gold Gym level 3 near Liedseplein. With such concentration of Pokestops in so little space, there is no better city than Amsterdam for Pokémon exploration!

Join the fun and register for Pokémon GO events in Amsterdam : Pokémon community Amsterdam. Also in Rotterdam & Eindhoven